One of the most important components of our success is great people. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining extraordinary contributors. We are seeking warm, dynamic and friendly individuals.

Ampersand on Crown Cafe, Bar & Bookstore one of the busiest cafes in Surry Hills so you will have to have your whits about you, be able to think on your feet and multi-task, while staying focused on the costumers needs/wants.

Culture fit if very important to us, and our focus is providing our employees with a healthy mix of work life balance.

Having said that Ampersand on Crown is a 7-day a week business and weekend work for all staff is a must. 

Currently hiring:

Job Title: Chef

Responsible To:                  Head Chef

Overview:                     The Sous Chef provides and maintains best practice hospitality management and food and beverage standards for Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore, while providing a first class culinary experience for customers 

 Job Title: Cafe Allrounder

Reports to: Manager on Duty

Job Overview: The Cafe Allrounder is a multi-skilled individual, able to work at the 3 stations – POS, Food, Runner. The Cafe Allrounder is a highly experienced hospitality trained individual who is customer service driven; is a strong and enthusiastic Team Player; is passionate about customer service; and is anal about cleanliness.

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